An HF "Swiss army knife"

This was produced for the 2018 G-QRP Buildathon. It has numerous features and was desinged for amateurs to use in the field when setting up and using an HF rig.

Parts costs were around 20 GBP at the time of writing (2018).


Supply Voltage 9V.
Supply Current 220mA peak, normal operating 95mA @ 9V.
TX Input Max 10W.


Voltage Range DC 0V to 50V
Resistance Ranges 0.0 to -100 Ohms
100 Ohms to 10k Ohms
10k Ohms to 1M Ohm
SWR 1 to 10W
1.0 : 1 to 99.9 : 1
Forward Power 0.0 to 10.0W
Reverse Power 0.0 to 10.0W
Return Loss 0.0 to 10 dB
UTC Time +/- 1 Second
Frequency 1MHz to 50MHz +/- 4Hz
1MHz to 29MHz <0.1W trigger
50MHz < 0.5W trigger
Lat, Lng Approximately 5 decimal places accuracy
Maidenhead Precise but depends on the latitude/longitude accuracy

Here is the documentation pack, the code and the gerbers etc. for it. Please note, I cannot guarnetee any of the code or gerbers will work correctly with your supplier or build environment. Please check with me before comitting time/money on trying to reproduce these boards.

  • PDF of the Build instructions and user guide
  • A ZIP file of all the KiCAD files (layout schematic, gerbers etc.)
  • A ZIP file containing the Arduino source code and libraries